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Air Combat

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The Holocaust in Southern Russia

  • Books (in English)

    • The Holocaust In the Soviet Union by Yizhak Arad, U of Nebraska Press, 2013
      • Includes Rostov and the surrounding villages where Lily was based only months later. She must have been shocked.
      • Boris Eremin in his memoir (see above) writes about the pilots’ horror on seeing the pits in these villages, but in it he doesn’t mention that the victims were Jews. The army reports did initially record the holocaust, but that was censored out.
    • The Complete Black Book of Russian Jewry by Ilya Ehernburg and Vasily Grossman
      • Vasily Grossman saw the devastation left by the holocaust as he travelled with the Red Army into liberated areas. He and Eherburg collected first-hand accounts of survivors and witnesses.
      • Grossman is the journalist who stayed with the soldiers in Stalingrad, and earlier had interviewed and profiled the pilots who were Lily’s closest comrades in the regiment that was her army home. (See above)

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The Eastern Front in The Great Patriotic War (WW2)

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